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Garana and Brebu Nou

Garana and Brebu Nou

One of the biggest jazz events in Romania, the "Garana Jazz Festival", takes place in Garana. I never took part at it, although I like jazz. But I often visit these two villages, preferably away from the crowds, quietly.

Last weekend we did a challenging bike ride on one of the dozen walking and hiking trails in the area. Our route went from Weidenthal (Brebu nou) over the saddle of the Semenic mountains to Wolfsberg (Gărâna), where we enjoyed a delicious, huge apple strudel. There is no such apple strudel anywhere! The high-calorie meal gave us strength to drive to the beautiful lake Three Waters (Trei Ape). The route was magically beautiful and the weather was on our side.

Garana and Brebu nou are very popular stops for enduro motorcyle tourists. But in recent years, more and more tourists have been coming by bike, just as us. Many of the former residents who moved to Bavaria in the course of the wave of emigration from 1989 to 1992 use their houses as a holiday home. Old houses have been traditionally renovated and delight the eye with their authentic facilities.

I always feel good in the Weidenthal and Wolfsberg area. I just like everything here, the people, the nature, the houses and of course the delicious apple strudel.

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