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The north - the guardian of traditions

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In Romania you will discover places that are unique in Europe. At the very top of northern Romania is Maramures, one of the most beautiful and pristine regions in Romania, or perhaps all of Europe. Here you will find untouched nature, traditional constructions, meticulously cultivated traditions and proud people who love their home. Have you ever thought about time travel? It is really possible in Romania. Admire unique churches with wooden architecture. Some of the Moldavian monasteries have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1993.

Tour details

1st day

Your guide will be waiting for you at Suceava Airport and take you to your accommodation in Sucevita, 63km away. Stop at the unique black ceramic on the way.

The black ceramic from Marginea is unique in Europe. History and beauty lovers may find it extremely pleasant to trace this craft back in time and space. The black ceramic can only be found in pottery shops in Marginea in the Suceava district.

Sucevinta Bukowina Maramuresch

We continue to your very special accommodation.

Enjoy your stay in the Carpathian Mountains. "Casa cu Cerbi" is an authentically restored farmhouse on a real farm in Bukovina. If you don't want to hike around the area, try some of the farm's local products, play with the house cat, or explore the old family photos of the farmhouse.

Walk around the village or just relax and look forward to the beauty of nature.

Enjoy a tasty dinner in your inn.

2nd day

Good Morning! After breakfast at the inn, visit Sucevita Monastery, which is in the same village as your accommodation.

The monastery is one of the most beautiful Moldavian monasteries and the only one whose interior and exterior walls are completely covered with wall paintings and whose frescoes are completely preserved inside and outside.

In the afternoon, eat on an authentic farm that is on your way to the next 2 monasteries: Humor and Voronet.

Kloster Humor UNESCO Welterbe

Humor Monastery was founded in 1530. Not much is left of the old fortification walls. The defense tower dates from 1641. In 1535 the church was frescoed. It is the oldest preserved Bukovina church with external frescoes. It is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Saint George.

Unlike the Humor Monastery, Voronet has a tower that hides the famous Moldovan dome (see also below). Humor Monastery and Voronet Monastery (10-15 minutes drive from each other) are the best preserved medieval sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Drive back to your accommodation and look forward to a traditional dinner.

3rd day

Good Morning! After breakfast, leave your accommodation and drive towards Maramures where you will spend the next 3 days. Your first stop is at the Moldavita Monastery.

Founded by Petru Rareş in 1532, the Church of the Annunciation is a UNESCO monument and famous for icons such as Constantinople Siege, Jessei Tree, Hymn. The International Federation of Journalists and Tourism Writers gave the monastery the Golden Apple Prize, which is located in the monastery museum.

Admire the painted eggs from Bukovina while visiting the museum. Meet an old woman who continues to practice this art and try to paint an egg!

The egg museum "Lucia Condrea" in Moldovita is the largest museum with painted eggs in the world with over 11,000 exhibits in 106 displays by the artist Lucia Condrea.

Bemalte eier tradition

Continue towards Maramures and stop in the Rodna Mountains National Park.

National Park Rodna Mountains is internationally known as a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO board in the program “Man and Biosphere”. Take an easy hike and look forward to the natural beauties!

After another hour's drive, you will reach your accommodation in Maramures. Dinner in the inn.

These original houses have benn transformed into cozy, very comfortable domiciles that also meet high standards. Art, antiques and literature create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation as well as inspiration in the houses.

4th day

Good Morning! After a rich breakfast at your inn, start your journey to Marmaroschsiget (Sighetu Marmatiei). Your first stop is at the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and Resistance.

The establishment of the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and Resistance is an attempt to counter this achievement, a means of reviving collective memory.

After lunch at Casa Iurca, visit a small, authentic village museum.

The Maramures Museum is a keeper of the soul treasure of the Romanian people. His goal is to be an artistic educator for the visiting audience.

Frohes Friedhof sapanta

We continue to a unique happy cemetery.

The cheerful cemetery now houses around 800 crosses painted blue. Each cross shows a carved picture in the upper part, which evokes an important moment in the life of the deceased. Carved texts depict the life of the buried in a humorous way. Even if you are not fluent in the Romanian language, just looking at the carved pictures is an absolute highlight.

Back to your accommodation where you have dinner.

5th day

Good Morning! After breakfast at the inn, visit a very special remote village where you can also have lunch.

Breb, also called the Valley of the Beaver, is one of the most remote villages in Maramures. The small village is very well known in Great Britain, since some properties belong to the heir to the throne, Prince Charles. The village is very beautiful and, above all, well preserved, which is why National Geographic Traveler recommended the Maramures region in the top 20 travel destinations in 2015.

Breb abgelegenes Dorf

On your way back to the inn, visit the wooden church of Barsana.

The impressive wooden church of Bârsana is one of the eight wooden churches in northern Romania, which were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. The interior of the wooden church is completely decorated with magnificent paintings.

Dinner at your inn.

6th day

Good Morning! After breakfast, your guide will drive you to Mocănița.

Mocănița is the last real forest railway in the Carpathian Mountains. Visiting the water valley, whether as a one-day ride on the forest railway or a longer hiking tour, is still an adventure to this day. In dark forests and on sun-drenched alpine pastures they meet a fascinating different world.

On your way back to your accommodation, visit another UNESCO protected church. The church of Ieud is one of the oldest wooden churches in Maramures and is not only worth seeing because of its historical construction and the artistic frescos, but also houses the oldest Romanian script.


7th day

Good Morning! After breakfast you can check out. Your guide will take you to Lapus to meet a very special person.

Alexandru started carving wood as a child and learned everything from his father, also a sculptor, and he has never stopped since. He is best known for crosses in cemeteries and in front of churches. His intense eyes tell a thousand stories.

After lunch...

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