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A walk through Transylvania

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Discover the treasures of Transylvania (Romania) in a tailor-made private trip with daily hikes. Do you want to watch wild bears in freedom? Individual tours of all sights? Recommendations for the best restaurants? Our tailor-made trips offer you all this and much more! A popular travel destination in Romania is Transylvania! Here you can go through meadow horse riding, stay in traditional inns, hike through primeval forests and untamed nature and even visit Prince Charless holiday home.

Tour details

1st day

Your guide will pick you up at the airport in Bucharest and take you to your accommodation for the night.

The Mansion Boutique Hotel is located in the old center of the capital, a lively place where old and new mix harmoniously.

Besichtigungstour Guide Bukarest

Prepare for a long walk through the city.

Bucharest, the city of contrasts, will conquer your heart and you will certainly visit it a second time. Bucharest is often called Paris of the East - and not without reason. Walking through the city center, quite a few buildings are reminiscent of the French capital. In the past, this charm was felt even more strongly, until there was a strong earthquake in Bucharest in 1977, which did enormous damage.

We recommend you have dinner at Old Center, Caju or Bistrot Francais.

2nd day

Good Morning! Have breakfast at your hotel and prepare for a day of discovery!

The colossal Parliament Palace (formerly known as the People's Palace), built by the head of the Communist Party, Nicolae Ceausescu, is the second largest administration building in the world after the Pentagon.

For a quarter of a century (1965-1989), the "Ceauşescu Villa" was the private residence of the Ceauşescu dictator couple and their children. When Nicolae Ceausescu became the first secretary of the central committee in the mid-1960s, he was allowed to move into the representative villa: the approximately 5,000 square meter house included a garden twice as large.

At lunchtime, we recommend eating at Old Center or Caru cu Bere. Caru cu Bere is one of the oldest restaurants in the city, where you can enjoy local cuisine with traditional Romanian music in the background.

Dorfmuseum Bukarest

Enjoy a long walk along the banks of the Herestrau pond and through the open-air museum.

The village museum is one of the largest open air museums in the Balkans. It was founded by a royal decree in 1936 and covers 15 hectares on the shores of Lake Herastrau. There are more than 60 original houses, farms, windmills, watermills and churches from all historical areas of Romania.

Enjoy your dinner on the banks of the Herestrau pond at Casa di David. Afterwards, walk back to your accommodation, where you will spend your last night in Bucharest

3rd day

Good Morning! After breakfast, start the first journey of the day towards Busteni. Since you have the car and the guide to yourself, you can stop at any time to take pictures of the beautiful area.

At your first stop, at Cantacuzino Castle, you can have lunch right away.

Discover a fairytale castle that used to belong to the Cantacuzino family. Members of this noble house were prominent figures, such as princes of the two former regions of the country, called Moldova and Wallachia. It is a perfect place to show your love and admire the rocky Bucegi Mountains.

Inn Balaban Berge Unterkunft

After another hour's drive, you will reach your accommodation in the mountains.

Check in at the new luxury of simplicity. The Inn on Balaban is a living example of the strong desire to preserve the Romanian tradition. Because of the passion and the desire to breathe life into a 100 year old house in the 21st century, today we experience what a traditional Romanian house means in the truest sense of the word.

Put on your hiking shoes and let your guide take you on a wonderful hike in the wild Carpathians. When you return, enjoy a homemade dinner with your host.

4th day

Good Morning! After a rich breakfast, drive towards Bran. Your first stop is at the famous Dracula Castle, just 5 km away.

Dracula's Castle offers you the possibility of an exclusive exploration by privatizing its rooms for a unique and extraordinary visit. Accompanied by qualified guides, discover the history and magic of this wonderful place.

In Queen Marie's music room, who brouth new life into the castle in the 1920s, we can organise for you a private dinner with delicious, traditional Romanian food, paired with the best Romanian wine.

Fror the next 100 km, drive towards Viscri, known for its church, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Your lunch is waiting for you in the village of Viscri. Your overnight stay is nearby, at Verde de Viscri.


Verde de Viscri is a place where you can hear your heartbeat. A quiet place with sun, peace and greenery, where your soul allows itself to climb the hills, breathe the clean and cold mountain air and get lost among the beauties of the place.

The old stables have been transformed into a kitchen and the old barn into a slow food restaurant: old Transylvanian recipes made from authentic ingredients from local farmers and family businesses.

Behind today's barn restaurant there is a beautiful orchard where you can have lunch or dinner. A path leads from the orchard on a remote road to the fortified church and the village car park.

The village is home to one of the most spectacular Saxon fortress churches, one of the six churches that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After dinner, enjoy a guided tour to the church and through the village.

Enjoy a tasty dinner at Gerda!

It smells always good in Gerda's kitchen. Sometimes there is a pan on her stove in which a pumpkin, which took a bath in beaten eggs and flour, sizzles. At the same time, a spicy ram steak caramelizes in the oven, sitting next to a hard polenta on which a garlic sauce rubbed with tomatoes definitely flows.

After dinner, walk back to your accommodation.

5th day

Good Morning! After a rich breakfast, look forward to a cart ride through the village. Then drive for approx. 50 minutes towards Sighisoara.

For lunch, eat at Casa Krauss, a restaurant in the building's winery, which impresses with the originality and variety of the menu. Afterwards, you visit Sighisoara.

Enjoy an individual tour of Sighisoara, one of the few inhabited castles in Europe.

Sighisoara was founded in the second half of the 12th century by German immigrants, Transylvanian Saxons. Bram Stoker's literary figure “Dracula” is associated with Sighisoara, Vlad Țepeș (Vlad III. Drăculea, the impaler), son of Vlad II. Dracul (the dragon). He may have been born there. It is sai that between 1431 and 1436 he has lived in the city.

Copsa Mare Gasthaus

Drive towards Copsa Mare, where you will spend the night.

The Copsa Mare inns offer a perfect oasis for relaxation and discovery in the heart of Transylvania. All houses have been restored according to traditional architecture, furnished with local furniture and equipped with the comfort of a modern lifestyle. A very special atmosphere welcomes you in a cozy and comfortable environment.

Dinner in the barn of the Copsa Mare Inn.

6th day

Good Morning! After breakfast at your inn, stroll to Biertan (approx. 1 hour).

The Birthälm fortified church (Biertan) was built by Transylvanian Saxons at the end of the 15th century. The ecclesiastical castle and village form a complementary unit, which together with the hilly landscape, formerly characterized by vineyards, create an extremely harmonious overall picture.

For the Transylvanian Saxons, this church castle, which was also a bishopric for a long time, is an important place of remembrance. Since 1991, so-called Saxon meetings have been taking place in Biertan, organised by the Democratic Forum of Germans in Transylvania.

Biertan UNESCO Kirchen und Erbe in Rumänien

Drive to Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture in 2007.

Have lunch at Hochmeister or Syndicat Gourmet. Afterwards you visit the city.

Your private guide ...

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